About Red50

Red50 was founded in Hong Kong in 1992, in the process of development of the Chinese market and as a result of the demand of Spanish companies in their processes of commercial approach to China.

At present Red50 is a multinational company that has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and coverage in Guangzhou and Ningbo.

Red50 has three service lines: Promotional and Advertising Products, Office of Purchasing and quality control, and Market Study Services for the implementation of products in China. These three divisions are articulated through an innovative business model "operational alliances, global sourcing and value added Partners".

The team that works in China has perfect command of several languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Spanish, and Catalan. The management is in charge of Spanish professionals with several years of residence in the country. This structure allows us to create a fluid communication with our clients and a constant monitoring throughout all the projects.

Quality Management

Red50 addresses the problem of quality under a comprehensive management approach instead of an approach based on simple control. The quality management program of Red50 affects all areas of activity: from customer service, product development, to production and shipping logistics to any country in the world with the necessary documentation, always protecting the confidentiality of clients and suppliers.

Red50 is also an associate company of the AIJU technology center. This association allows us to carry out all the necessary tests to guarantee the safety of our products.

Red50 has the ISO 9001 quality management system certification.

Quality management
Social Responsability

Social Responsability

Red50 is committed to respecting human rights and the environment. All our suppliers pass an audit of compliance with the ethical code of conduct. We also prioritize the use of renewable energy as a source of energy and the use of recycled materials.

Red50 supports diverse local communities collaborating with social entities and NGOs.

Social Responsability


We are proud to have as active clients many of the most recognized brands and companies from different sectors of the industry. These are some of our customers:

Banco Sabadell
Grupo Zeta
Generalitat de Catalunya
La Caixa
Wilkinson Sword
China Consultants